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Sita Berete

The genius is the one who has an insatiable hunger for knowledge.

My name is Sita Bérété, I'm a Full-Stack Software Engineer focused on mobile but also have some experiences on web development.

When I was 11, I took my first computer courses where I learned the different components of a computer, how to use windows, some office applications, and about the internet and how to use it. Since then, I had the dream to become a Software Engineer and build the biggest tech company in my country.

Over the years that dream took different forms, became more ambitious, but kept the same goal which is to build something that will have a positive impact on the lives of millions or even billions of people.

Yes, I know, It's quite an ambitious dream, but I believe that It's the ambitious goals that can push us to our maximum, help us grow, and break our limits. I believe that the higher your goal is, the more you will take advantage of your abilities. There is an analogy I like to use which is: "Assuming that you are helping a friend to relocate, if you move an empty cup of coffee, you will probably use 1% of your strength, but if you try to move a fridge that weighs more than 100 kilograms you will probably use 100% of your strength whether you succeed or not." Why do little if we have the ability to do 10 or 20 times better?

In 2018 I learned my first programing language (C) by a pdf book "Apprenez à programmer en C" which means "Learn to program in C", I learned how to create a Hangman game on the console, and a 2D graphic game (Sokoban clone), that was one of the most beautiful experiences I ever had. I made my first program from scratch just by writing lines of code, I will never forget the gratitude and pride I felt. That experience made me feel more confident about my dream even though I had a lot to learn, and I still have a lot to learn. That experience also taught me that there is no magic behind the programs, I don't need superpowers other than my brain, All I have to do is to learn, practice, practice, and practice to realize my dream.

By working on many projects as a freelancer and some passion projects, I started realizing the importance of unit tests (the long debugging time they save, the safety they make you feel when you are updating a code after a long period...), I also realized that not only the time and space complexity of algorithms matter, but the code's architecture matter a lot if you want to have a scalable, testable, and maintainable software. Since that, I started learning about software design best practices (SOLID principles, Design patterns, architectures like "the clean architecture", Microservices...). Currently, in almost all my projects I apply the SOLID principles, try to cover the entire code source with unit tests, and leverage the usage of Design patterns.


By following my curriousity and my passion for discovering new things, I learned many languages, concepts, tools and frameworks. Some of them are listed below.

Android Native
Google Cloud Platform
Type Script

Hobbies & Interests

Video Games

Personal Development




French: Fluent
English: Intermediate


Passion Projects

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  • Library
GameRes | Game Resources for gamers


Android App

An Android application built with Jetpack Compose that retrieves and displays information about video games from an API.

Go4Lunch | Go for lunch


Android App

An Android app that lets you choose a restaurant for lunch based on the ones your colleagues have chosen.

Taluxi | Uber-like Open source Flutter App


Android App

A Real Estate Manager that stores the data in an SQLite database using Room.

Real Estate Manager | Android App


Flutter App

Uber-like mobile applications (driver/passenger) built with Flutter and Nodejs(TypeScript).

Question Tags | Desktop App

Question Tags

Desktop App (Qt5 - C++)

An application that generates the question tag of its input sentence. Only the MacOs and Windows versions are available for download yet, but the source code can be compiled for linux.



Showcase Website

Creating a showcase website for a telecom company

Firebase Database Moks | Open Source Testing Library

Firebase Database Moks

Open Source Testing Library

An open source library that makes it easy to test applications that depend on the Firebase real-time database


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